Did God Really Say?

Additional Questions & Accusations
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This section of my web site will provide answers to questions and accusations not addressed in the book. While "Did God Really Say?" addresses every question on the American Humanist's web page attacking the Bible, there are still other accusations. In fact, it's easy to twist scripture and come up with new accusations against the Bible. So I expect I'll hear, "But what about...?"


Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? You never see missing limbs spontaneously restored. Why is that? Surely the prayers from amputees and their loved ones are plaintive enough.

Does God Answer Non-Believer's Prayers? The above question implies that God should answer everyone's prayers, in particular if they are plaintive. Are there prayers God does not answer?

Why Are There so Many Starving People in Our World? Why doesn’t God answer their prayers?

Why does the Bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense? - Genesis begins with a flawed view of cosmology picked up from the Sumerians. There was no Flood and no Garden of Eden. Man came from evolution, not from dust. The Bible has no recipe for soap or basic medical advice. Christians will say that the Bible has no intention of being a science textbook. It simply worked through the flawed worldview of the times. The Bible had no goal to improve the condition of our lives; it taught God’s rules, not health rules.

If you have a "But what about?" question... please sent it to me. Or any other question or suggestion. Use the contact form to send me your comments, questions, accusations and corrections.

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Why do bad things happen to Christians? - Shouldn't Christians get a break? Shouldn’t there be at least a little boost here on earth for making the right decision? How about something tangible to prove one’s faith is true. Even Mother Teresa complained that a lack of evidence undercut her faith.

Why hasn't Jesus appeared to you? - He could appear to give you advice for a tough decision, give you comfort in person like a friend would, or just assure you that he really exists. He doesn’t.

10 Questions Christians Must Answer - The above questions come from a blog post by an atheist. The atheist is answering a Christian who wrote an article titled "The Christian Poses Tough Questions to the Atheist.” The atheist "answered" those questions and went on to pose questions to the Christian. I've been answering the atheist's questions. This link takes you to a page on which I show the atheist's responses are inadequate and contain scientific error.